Continuing Legal Education Accreditation

Please email us at [email protected] if you need CLE credit for a state that is not listed below.

Alabama 8.5 (1.0)
Alaska No accreditation required
Arkansas Reciprocal Jurisdiction
Arizona No accreditation required
California Reciprocal Jurisdiction
Colorado 9.0 (1.2)
Connecticut Reciprocal Jurisdiction
Delaware 8.5 (1.0)
Florida 9.0 (1.0)
Georgia 7.5 (1.0)
Hawaii Reciprocal Jurisdiction
Idaho 8.25 (1.0)
Illinois 8.0 (1.0)
Indiana 8.5 (1.0)
Iowa 7.5 (1.0)
Kansas 8.0 (1.0)
Kentucky 8.5 (1.0)
Louisiana 8.5 (1.0)
Maine Reciprocal Jurisdiction
Minnesota 7.5 (1.0)
Mississippi 8.5 (1.0)
Missouri 9.0 (1.2)
Montana 8.5 (1.0)
Nebraska 8.5 (1.0)
Nevada 8.5 (1.0)
New Hampshire No accreditation required
New Jersey Reciprocal Jurisdiction
New Mexico 8.5 (1.0)
New York Reciprocal Jurisdiction
North Carolina
Ohio 8.5 (1.0)
Oklahoma 10.0 (1.0)
Oregon 8.5 (1.0)
Pennsylvania 7.5 (1.0)
Rhode Island 10.0 (1.0)
South Carolina 8.5 (1.0
Tennessee 7.5 (1.0)
Texas 8.0 (1.0)
Utah 8.5 (1.0)
Virginia 7.5 (1.0)
West Virginia 10.2 (1.2)
Wisconsin 9.0 (1.0)
Wyoming 8.5 (1.0)

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