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Slide 9
A packed house at the Louisville Seminar in 2016.
Slide 10
LtCol North was the Seminar’s special lunch speaker in 2016.
Slide 11
Lunch at the Louisville Seminar in 2016.
Slide 12
Attorney Jonathan Goldstein discusses state preemption laws at the 2016 Seminar.
Slide 13
Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm teaches about gun control abroad at the Nashville Seminar in 2015.
Slide 14
Moderator Carol Bambery, Steve Halbrook, and David Kopel during our first panel in Indianapolis.
Slide 1
NRA Board Member and Law Seminar Moderator M. Carol Bambery introduces Professors Glenn Harlan Reynolds and Nelson Lund.
Slide 2
Seminar attendees in Louisvillle hear a wide range of presentations, covering topics from ATF procedure to civil rights actions to legal ethics.
Slide 3
Attendees await the beginning of the Seminar in Phoenix.
Slide 4
R. Ted Cruz, then in private practice, discusses the District of Columbia v. Heller Supreme Court decision at the Phoenix Seminar.
Slide 5
Seminar attendees and faculty mingle at lunch. Speaker Evan Nappen is at left.
Slide 6
Professor Nelson Lund discusses the original meaning of the Second Amendment in St. Louis, Missouri.
Slide 7
Congressman Bob Barr, the 2007 Luncheon Speaker, provides insight into U. N. attempts to outlaw the civilian possession of firearms in its member nations.
Slide 8
The Honorable Michael A. Wolff, Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, discusses the ethics of advocacy at the 2007 St. Louis Seminar.
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