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Section Two

State Firearm Preemption Laws

State firearm preemption laws have been essential to preserving the right to keep and bear arms. Recognizing this, those who wish to restrict this civil liberty have recently made widespread and sometimes coordinated attacks upon these protections. This presentation will focus on the efforts made through the courts to undermine preemption statutes and the successful legal arguments made in defense of them.

Sarah Gervase
NRA Assistant General Counsel

Marketing Practices Liability in the Firearms Industry

Camden Webb will review the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision in Soto v. Bushmaster, and new developments regarding the theories of potential liability for marketing of firearms. Many firearms industry members are seeking guidance on understanding the severity of risks if they were to be named in a lawsuit stemming from criminal misuse of products. Attendees will learn about the underlying statute, recent case law, best practices for monitoring and policing marketing strategies, and steps which can be taken by industry members to reduce risk of potential liabilities.

Camden Webb
Partner, Williams Mullen
Co-Chair of the Firearms Industry Group at Williams Mullen