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Section Three

Red Flag Laws

We're hearing a lot these days about so called red flag laws. These law are aimed squarely at using the mental health system to disarm gun owners. What are these laws all about? What laws are in effect nationally already and what laws are pending? How can we improve public policy to help people with temporary mental health issues who may also be gun owners? This talk will explore the red flag landscape with an eye towards offering better language and better policies anchored in respect for due process, increasing public safety and respecting the rights of gun owners.

Jonathan Goldstein
Goldstein Law Partners, LLC

Terminal-Wound Ballistics: A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective for Lawyers

The lecture will include a review of the physiologic events in firearms related wounds (terminal ballistics). Attention will also focus on the surgical/medical implications of such wounds. A review of cases will expand on the realities and myths surrounding firearms and related wounds. Such knowledge is not a part of traditional legal education but will be useful for attorneys.

Dr. Paul K. Maurer, M.D.
Chairman of Neurosurgery, Rochester Regional Health Systems
Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Rochester Medical Center
Medical Director, Treadproof Academy, Nunnelly, TN