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Section Four

A Primer on the Law of Self-Defense in Tennessee

Self-defense is an important topic for lawyers who practice firearms law. You never know when you’ll receive a fateful call from a client who has had to resort to the use of force in defense of themselves, their loved ones, or their property. In this seminar, Mr. Fulks will discuss the law of self-defense in Tennessee. Topics will include the historical development of self-defense, the constitutional and statutory bases of self-defense, key court cases, and practical considerations in developing and presenting the defense at trial.

Mark A. Fulks
University Counsel, East Tennessee State University
Former Senior Counsel, Criminal Justice Division for State of Tennessee

How U.S. Export Controls Regulate Firearms and Ammunition

The U.S. company that chooses to engage in the business of exporting firearms or ammunition must be prepared to enter a murky pool of statutes and agency rules and regulations that may appear non-sensical, burdensome, and difficult to navigate. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape governing the exports of firearms and ammunition, the types of authorizations and the licensing processes, the role of foreign policy, sanctions, and agency discretion in controlling exports, and the unique impact of politics into the export licensing process.

Johanna E. Reeves
Founder and Managing Partner, Reeves & Dola LLP