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Section Two

Responsibility for Criminal Firearms Violence: Defending Firearm Manufacturers and Retail Dealers

Efforts to impose liability on firearm manufacturers and sellers for harm caused by the criminal misuse of firearms are not new, and use of the courts to achieve legislative and political ends continue. Most have ultimately been unsuccessful but not without inflicting substantial litigation burdens and expense on firearm industry members. Recent attempts to impose responsibility on manufacturers and retailers for criminal firearms violence will be discussed and emerging trends will be identified.

Partner - Swanton, Martin & Bell, LLP

Skirting the Quicksand: How to Avoid Unjust Verdicts in Self-Defense Shootings

Discussion includes how prosecutors can misread evidence, how the defense can avoid mistakes that result in wrongful convictions and unjust plaintiffs' verdicts, and understanding mistakes uninformed "good guys and gals" make in the stressful aftermath of having lawfully defended themselves.

Massad Ayoob Group, Expert Instructor and Author