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Section Two

Beyond Guns and Ammo: Building a Comprehensive Arms Law Practice

Most Second Amendment lawyers focus on firearms and ammunition—the most often-discussed “arms” in today’s Second Amendment debate. But dealers, manufacturers, importers, collectors and civilian defenders often need counsel on non-lethal arms such as electrical stun devices or self-defense sprays, as well as edged weapons, martial arts implements and even more exotic devices. There is also considerable overlap between federal firearms and explosives laws. This presentation will give an overview of the legal landscape in these areas.

John Frazer
NRA General Counsel & Secretary

Understanding Texas Gun Laws
Handguns v. Long Guns - Licensed Carry v. Unlicensed Carry

Charles Cotton will cover Texas law dealing with possessing and carrying firearms, including the distinct differences between laws related to long guns and handguns. He will also cover where and when firearms are prohibited in certain locations based upon whether a person has a Texas License to Carry a Handgun. He will put special emphasis on schools, colleges, and churches that have been the target of active shooters. Charles will also cover changes to Texas law made during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session that allow churches to take effective action to protect their congregations.

Charles Cotton
Attorney, NRA Board Member