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Section Three

Hot Firearms Topics from Across the Country

Sarah Gervase's presentation will cover major new legislation, guns at airports, marijuana and firearms, and 3D printing. Her presentation will include updates and suggestions for advising clients in those areas. The section on changes to major new legislation will be expanded as necessary.

Sarah Gervase
NRA Assistant General Counsel

Restoring a Constitutional Right: Second Amendment Right Restoration as a Civil Rights Issue

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick J McLain will lead a discussion on the history and sources of disabilities to firearms possession civil rights and will some resources for attorneys representing citizens seeking restoration of their Second Amendment rights. He will also provide an overview of, and references for, the current state of the law in federal courts, with some discussion of state law issues, especially in Texas. His talk will conclude with a discussion of prospective changes of the law that may affect litigation to restore firearms rights to U.S citizens.

Patrick J. McLain
Law Office of Patrick J. McLain, PLLC