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Section Four

Federal Firearms Licensee Issues: Dealing with Common Problems and Complying with Federal Rulings and Regulations; Bumpstock Update

James Vann's presentation will include discussions on:

The Manufacturing of Firearms: Who needs a License?
Facilitating Private Party Transfers
Auctioneers: When is a Federal Firearms License Required?
Participating at Out of State Gun Shows
Bumpstock Update

James P. Vann, J.D.
Division Counsel, Washington Field Division, BATFE

Working with FFLs: Hot Button Issues for Manufacturers, Importers, and Dealers

Whether it's a potential revocation of the license, marketing of innovative products consistent with federal law, or dealing with state bans on modern sporting rifles, FFLs need answers and solutions that work. This presentation will steer counsel through three points of focus: (a) Guiding the FFL creatively to negotiate and resolve proposed license revocations; (2) Requesting classifications under the NFA from ATF and litigating adverse determinations; and (3) Compliance with and litigation of state "assault weapon" restrictions.

Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D.
Attorney at Law