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Section Five:

Firearms Forensics in the Courtroom

My talk will be on the role of the Firearms Examiner in the Criminal Justice System. I will discuss the services that the Firearms Examiner can and cannot provide, including how discharged ammunition components are capable of being identified back to a specific firearm. In the era of fake news, common firearms myths will be discussed. I will also try to answer any questions the attendees may wish to ask.

Dwight D. Van Horn
Independent Forensic Firearms Examiner, NRA Board Member

Making and Gunsmithing Firearms: Unlicensed Activities, "80% Receivers, and 3D Printing"

A license is required to engage in the business of manufacturing firearms. Issues arise regarding unlicensed activities that may or may not constitute being engaged in the business, including gunsmithing under a dealer's license, what constitutes a frame or receiver, what is an "80% receiver," and 3D printing of guns. Gun Control Act provisions, ATF rulings, and judicial decisions will be analyzed.

Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D.
Attorney at Law, Author